Supplement Plans for Accidents, Hospitalization, Critical Illness, Cancer
Supplemental Indemnity Insurance plans can be a very important part of a Comprehensive Health Insurance Strategy. Hospital care, outpatient services and surgery can be very expensive and can easily take a significant toll on your savings.  These comparatively inexpensive Supplemental policies are designed to pay for or help cover Copayments, Co-Insurance and out of pocket expenses.   The experts at The Surrett Group will gladly illustrate for you how the purchase of these policies, when paired with your current or future insurance policy, actually saves you money when weighed against the ever rising costs of medical care.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance Options

When choosing a type of hospital indemnity insurance, consider the following options:

·         Cost - Pairing a Supplemental Indemnity policy with any Health plan can save you a great deal of money on hospitalization, surgery and outpatient services.

·         Daily payment - Payment may vary according to your health status. Benefits can range anywhere from $100 each day to $600 each day or pay a per admittance lump sum. Some policies will pay more per day if you are hospitalized for the treatment of cancer or other critical illness.

·        Payee - Some insurance policies will pay the hospital. Others will pay the patient

·         Payment start date - Some policies will start payment on the first day you are hospitalized.

·         Government hospital - Some policies will pay you full benefits even if you are hospitalized in a U.S. Government facility.

·         Reliability and Reputation - Make sure the insurer is a reliable company.

There are many additional policy types in this category. Policies are available for or can be tailored to include coverage for:

·         Skilled Nursing Facility Care

·         First Diagnosis of a Critical Illness or Cancer

·         At Home name a few

Contact The Surrett Group today, for a free Georgia Accident / Hospital / Supplement Insurance quote and more information on the trusted policy options we offer.
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Georgia Insurance and Medicare Plans
Georgia Insurance and Medicare Plans
Georgia Insurance and Medicare Plans
Georgia Insurance and Medicare Plans
Georgia Insurance and Medicare Plans
Georgia Insurance and Medicare Plans
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